Privacy Policy

Yes, believe it or not, beyond my eccentric exterior, I am a very private person (does that make me a privateer?? – maybe) Nonetheless, all the images and information on this website are strictly copyright. That means that under no circumstances can you beg, borrow, or steal these images, text, or screenshots without the explicit written permission of Twistyman.
Even though I have tried, there are still a couple of unscrupulous individuals out there in the web world that have no honor or nobility, who insist on using the name “Twistyman” for their own dark and twisted hobbies. If you search for my name, make sure it is connected to “Children’s Entertainment.” Twistyman is the first, the original, and the noble one. Any others that claim the name are part of the problem in this world, not part of the solution. Twistyman wants to be part of the solution, and it is my honor to be there for the families and companies that hire me.
Thank you for your continued support!

E-mail: twistyman at att dot net